Friends Of Sassafras Creek

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          About Sassafras Creek

Sassafras Creek's pure fresh spring water flows in its natural state through Kallista, Monbulk and onwards to Woori Yallock Creek.

Surrounding the creek is a spectacular forest, forming a linear corridor encompassing valuable flora and fauna.

The Sassafras Creek Reserve holds many treasures: lush fern gullies, the endangered Slender Tree Fern, mosses, lichen, fungi, aromatic Sassafras trees, towering Mountain Ash and delicate ground covers. Home to a diversity of fauna, Superb Lyrebirds, Freshwater Crays, Blackfish, Feathertail Gliders, Dusky Antechinus and several owl species - to name a few. Walking the Sassafras Creek track allows you to experience the beauty and serenity of our natural environment. The goal of the "Friends of Sassafras Creek" is to maintain and preserve the natural state of the Sassafras Creek Reserve.


Environmental weeds are invading, smothering the natural vegetation and degrading its habitat, and litter and waste water coming from the road drains are causing erosion. The Sassafras Creek Reserve is too precious to let this happen!!