Friends Of Sassafras Creek

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PPWCMA Cypress Grant

Friends of Sassafras Creek (FOSC) are working with Parks Victoria and local

residents to remove approximately 35 cypress (Cryptomeria) and several

large sycamore maples, at the entry to the Sassafras Creek Nature

Conservation reserve, near Perrins Creek headwaters.



Friends of Sassafras Creek

NEWS December 2015


Current Grants

  • Communities for Nature for grant received in December for works at Perrins Creek headwaters. Buffer zone along creek edge from area adjacent to private property up to the hairpin bend in Perrins Creek Road. Some revegetation. Completed December 2015.
  • Melbourne Water Community Grants – work on tradescantia from Beagleys Bridge, to Nobles Lane completed. Tradescantia along creek edge removed. This has been complemented by Melbourne Water monthly works and CWAD.
  • Melbourne Water Ambassador program – guest speaker to be scheduled for mid year event
  • Parks Vic Volunteer Support Activity Program – granted for 2015/6.


FOSC has been successful in receiving 2 Grants in Round 1 of ‘Dandenong Ranges Environmental and Bushfire Grants

1          Community removal of Hazardous cypress trees reducing the fire hazard with weeding and   revegetation. Most of the cypress trees now removed. Tree removal in progress.     Rehabilitation and revegetation with the help of PV.

2          Weed reduction and reducing fire risk at the Sassafras Creek Headwaters in the         Sassafras          Township. Amazing results so far, particularly in the area below Lennox      Grove and the back     of the Mechanics Hall in Sassafras. Excellent works at the headwaters. Another 12 months to            complete.



Threatened Species Grant – for further works in the headwaters of Perrins Creek.

Melbourne Water support grant for 2015/6 received.


Working Bees

Sunday:           4th Sunday – see web page for details

Wednesdays:    Mid week at Lyrebird Falls and other areas (see web page for dates).


Events in 2015

  • 6th Lyrebird Survey Sunday 21 June + breakfast and walk in Sherbrooke Forest
  • Alex and Jane have given talks to Sassafras Primary School during Term 2 and 3 about our group, lyrebirds and animals they may see in the adjacent Reserve. Julia Pickwick from PV joined Jane in November for more talks.


Melbourne Water - Water Watch

Monthly  (see web page calendar for details).



Drain damage at headwaters of Sassafras Creek, behind shops in Sassafras. Yarra Ranges Council has carried out works in late June, adding coir logs to the eroded areas. Further study to be completed tor work out ways of slowing water flow into the area.


FOSC continues to work with Yarra Ranges Council, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria, Community Weed Alliance of the Dandenongs and other local environment groups.



Green Army supervised by Darcy Duggan from CWAD, working along Sassafras Creek, Perrins Creek, headwaters Casells Creek (tributary of Sassafras Creek).

Yarra Ranges Council has carried out roadside weed works along both The Crescent/Sassafras Creek Roads and Perrins Creek Road.

Community Weed Alliance of the Dandenongs for the removal of tradescantia from the waterway (approx. 2 m either side).


Jane Hollands

24 January 2016